Waffle Game

Are you a fan of word games? Are you good at guessing words? Or are you looking for a word game for all ages? You've come to the right place! We have Waffle, a fun word game.

If you think that trying to find a word through making 6 guesses is just a piece of cake and you want to find something that requires you to think more, Waffle is the game that is created for you. This is a word-guessing game for those who love to challenge themselves and are confident in their intelligence and vocabulary.

Whether you want to learn more English vocabulary or simply want to entertain after stressful hours, the game can satisfy you.

What is Waffle game?

Waffle is an entertaining game of word guessing, and it is not on the same level as Wordle. You will not be required to guess a single word; rather, you will be provided with a Waffle board and asked to guess six words from it. It makes the challenge presented to the player appear to be 6 times more difficult. On the other hand, you will have a total of 15 opportunities to switch the positions of the letters so that they are in the place where they should be.

How to Play Waffle game?

There will still be clues offered for you in order to figure out the answers. Dark brown, yellow, and white will be used to differentiate the tiles. 

  • If a letter is highlighted in dark brown, it means that it belongs to the word and is in the correct position. 
  • If the letter is highlighted in yellow, it means that it belongs to the word but is located in a different position. 
  • If the letter is highlighted in white, it means it is not part of the word and should be replaced. 

Even though each player is given 15 chances to swap, the majority of them may finish the game in the first ten attempts.

Use your mouse or mobile touchscreen to move the letter to the position you want. Then the two letters will be interchanged. Therefore, you ought to be careful in using swaps.

When you have used up all 15 of your swaps or when all of the letters have been turned dark brown, the game is over. You only get one puzzle each day, similar to Wordle, and then you have to wait until the following day to receive a new challenge.

Try your hand at Waffle if you want to put your skills to the ultimate test.

Currently, the game is completely free here, players can access and play at any time. Don't miss the chance to play Waffle online for free.

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