NYTimes Spelling Bee

As we all know word games are not only a great method to increase vocabulary but also very good for one's mental health. The NYTimes Spelling Bee puzzle game definitely won't let you down if you're looking for a simple yet fun game. In the NYTimes Spelling Bee puzzle game, players must build words, from a collection of seven letters. The more words you use, the more points you will get.

How to play

A yellow center letter is surrounded by a hexagon, on each of the six gray letters. The hexagonal body of Hexagon graphics helps players easily visualize a beehive. The goal is to make as many normal words as possible, as long as each word has at least four letters, including the one in the middle.

For each correct word, you will get one point. Also, remember that the longer the deadline, the more points you get. Players get extra points according to the NYTimes Spelling Bee's "pangram" rule if they can use all seven letters to form a word.

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